Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last hurrah

Normally, I can't wait for summer to end. Usually by now, I've had more than my fill of hot, sticky days and nothing on TV. Fall and sweaters and chilly can't come fast enough. But not this year. This year, I surprised myself by wishing for a few more weeks of longer days and laziness and strawberries. It's really all about the food, you know. I am looking forward to fall, I always do. But it can take its time coming this year. I hope this weekend - the last hurrah of the season - slows to a crawl and meanders through the moments.

It was a good summer. There was a wedding. I wore a fancy blue dress and welcomed a sister-in-law. I made a few new friends, got to know friendish (you know, the ones who aren't new friends anymore, but they're not lifelong friends yet, either) ones better and savored the company of old friends. New friends are fun because they are worlds unexplored. Old friends are good because they are familiar and comfortable but there are always facets of their personalities to ponder, especially as we grow and change together. Babies were born and held and cuddled and snuggled. Bliss means a morning holding a sleeping infant. Church feels more like a family than a corporation. I bet the babies have something to do with that.

It was a delicious summer. (I told you it was all about the food.) I ate a lot of strawberries (which also means I kept chocolate companies in business. Is there anything better than strawberries and chocolate? Mmmm). I explored the city and dined on exquisite crepes, thick-cut bacon, decadent cupcakes, savory biscuits and gravy and Italian sodas. There may have also been a cinnamon roll involved at one time. My kitchen and I reached a delicate truce and the smoke alarm has kept to itself (mostly). But then, I didn't use the oven too much. It was too hot. But I will say that my eyes were opened to the wonder that is Bisquick and I learned that you should probably not try out brand new recipes on people you'd like to call friends. I hope they forgive me for experimenting on them.

It was a lovely summer. I tried to see things I don't normally see. Keeping my camera on hand and looking for pictures left me awestruck. Did you know the sun can shine while it's raining? That it can rain while the sun is shining? (This is a good life lesson to ponder, too.) I could easily spend the rest of my life watching summer sunsets... witnessing the sun's happily tired retreat after a lively and carefree day. Someday, I want to move to Westside, where the trees and shrubs and overwhelming greenery peacefully coexist with new old houses that are just dying to share stories, I know. I looked people in the eye more. And smiled and said hello. That's all we really want, I think. To know and be known.

Oh, thank You Lord, for Your sweet summer mercies.

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