Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brownie points for ABC!

Random fact of the day: When I was 12, I had no idea how to use a round hairbrush. It got stuck in my hair once and I cut it out. My mom was not amused. Anyway, once my "bangs" grew a little, I styled the hair into some weird curl framing my forehead. Fast-forward to today. I desperately need a haircut because my bangs are ridiculously long and all I can think about is my reverting to my fashion-lacking 7th-grade self.

Hearing aids: I emailed ABC because for the last few weeks, Scrubs hasn't been captioning properly and I've done enough sleuthing to know that it's not a problem with my TV but with the network or affiliate. And wonder of wonders, ABC actually emailed me back and I also got an email from the Chief Engineer (or something) of my local affiliate. He asked some questions about the captions so I sat down to watch the ABC lineup tonight to see how they were malfunctioning... but of course, NOW they work. Kind of like when you go to the doctor and you're suddenly cured of whatever brought you there in the first place. :p But anyway, I just really appreciate that they even replied to my email. I thought for sure it would get buried under the thousands of emails a day that ABC claims to get. So props to ABC for the follow-up.

I need to call my audiologist. I get new ear molds maybe two or three times a year. It's rare for them to fit perfectly right when I get them and sometimes after a couple months, the ear mold will start irritating my outer ear. It itches, it bleeds a little... so I go through this cycle of applying antibiotic cream, leaving the aid off for a couple days, letting the sore clear up, wearing the aid, going back to irritation in a few days. I really do need to call the audiologist so they can reshape the ear mold. I'm really glad one of their offices is just down the street from me AND they don't charge for things like this. Win.

In other news: My blanket tried to electrocute me. I guess that's what I get for wearing fleece pants, shuffling around my carpeted bedroom and then trying to handle my warm and fuzzy polyester blanket. Zing!

Well, I'm off to conduct more captioning research... ;-) Stay warm!

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